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Friday, 11 October 2013

PAL Foundation Exclusive Launch at Soho House New York


Situated on one of the most exclusive rooftops in New York, Conor Mccreedy, Colin Cowie and Mike Eilertsen hosted an exclusive launch event for Protecting African Lions (PAL) Foundation with over 350 VIP guests and friends at Soho House.

“Over the past 50 years Africa's lion populations have plummeted from over 200,000 individuals back in the 1960's to fewer than 21,000 today. A shocking number if you consider the size of that continent”

Hedge fund managers, activists, entrepreneurs, supermodels, artists, philanthropists, actors and many more, all united together to bring awareness to the African lion, a majestic creature whose population is rapidly decreasing.

The mission of this global organization is to raise awareness and to start protecting lions from further decline against poaching, non regulated hunting and many other issues that will allow the lion to thrive in its natural wild habitat. It has established a foundation designed to protect lions and to become a key strategic partner for governmental and other affiliated charity programs such as Ubuntu Educational Fund, The Mara Foundation and many more.

Guests were treated to traditional South African delights from Madiba Biltong. They were also invited to purchase the exquisite MccreedyBlue PAL bracelet, featuring a hand-made button in brass, silver, gold or platinum, designed by South African designer, Lianne Landman to further spread awareness and support the cause.

Guests included Ndaba and Kweku Mandela (the 2 key grandsons of Nelson Mandela), Tyson Beckford, Jen Goodall, Rohan Marley, Julia Jansch, Colin Cowie, Shaun Dewet, Jacob Lief, Constantine Bisanz, Dr Geoffery Scott Caroll, and the founder himself - Conor Mccreedy.

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