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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Lounge in Luxury with WAZ Outdoor

Welcome back summer with luxury for your pool shake off the winter blues and float blissfully into  summer on the new amphibious day-beds and outdoor loungers from WAZ Outdoor, recently launched in South Africa.

A first of its kind in South Africa, this amphibious outdoor furniture is equally at home on land or water. Moving easily from floating comfort on thepool to stylish comfort on the deck or patio, WAZ Outdoor's luxury are the perfect accessory for the discerning entertainer.

What makes WAZ pool-to-patio furniture unparalleled in the local market is its unique design paired with uncompromising quality. Unlike inflatable plastic pool loungers, WAZ Outdoor's luxury loungers andday-beds will not capsize or deflate due to its inner bag which is filled with virgin beads. These beads make all WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture beautifully buoyant and stable in the water, while moulding around allshapes and sizes to ensure absolute comfort.Once your lounger is pulled back on land, water drains easily from the inner bag, ensuring the furniture is always free of mould and emfortless to maintain.

Due to the use of highly spec'd outdoor fabrics, WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture is able to withstand the harsh local climate. Crafted from only super-premium fabric, WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture is fadeproof against the African sun when left outdoors for extended periods. The fabric stands up to chlorinated, salt and rain water, has anti-fungal properties and is guaranteed for three years. It also scores full marks in the easy care department, requiring no majorwashing other than the occasional hosing down, or a light rub to remove more stubborn marks.While ingeniously functional and durable, what also puts WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture firmly into a league of its own is the flawless design of the European Luxe range.

The elegant, stylish curves of the lounger and day-bed are sure to turn heads both in and out of the water, inspiring major envy for entertainers this summer. The internationally inspired European Luxe range is crafted from the best quality imported fabric, and available in a magnificent metallic silver, orange, black or white, with double stitching for optimum strength. By special arrangement, select your own colour to match your outdoor decor. The European Luxe lounger is priced at R12 650, while the day-bed is priced at R11 995. View the European Luxe range as well as the African Summer range online at
  Source: Tracy Tuck Communications

Friday, 16 September 2016

WIN a bottle of The Balvenie 14-year Old WHIZZKY- DISCOVER FINE WHISKIES

WIN a bottle of The Balvenie 14-year Old WHIZZKY- DISCOVER FINE WHISKIES

Whizzky Fans! All we need you to do to WIN a bottle of The Balvenie 14-year Old is scan any of The Balvenie range, rate the bottle you've scanned and add a tasting note for it before 28 September 2016.

You too could be a winner, like Gustav Muller who has won a once-off bottle of Cask Strength Benrinnes 16-year old worth $148.00!

How, you ask? He started a whisky club called The Whisky Couch and invited members to join. They've all been actively saving tasting notes and favourites and rating whiskies... And we felt it was only right to award the Club Chairman with a seriously delectable dram to enjoy!

The question is, will he share? Till next time... Slainte!

With the Whizzky app you can...

Scan Whisky Bottles Open the scanner and point your camera at the whisky label - Whizzky will find the whisky details for you. Save Favourite Whiskies Start your own online collection of whiskies you love by saving them to your favourites. Rate Whiskies Like it, love it, hate it? Add your rating. Use the ratings to guide your tastings. Submit Whiskies The Whizzky database is growing everyday thanks to users adding whiskies we don't have in our system. Coming soon... Whizzky recently launched and is growing by the day. We will soon be adding numerous features which we can't wait to share with you! If you like Whizzky, please spread the word, we really appreciate it!