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Friday, 24 February 2017

Haute Edit - Sought After Never Looked So Good

Haute Edit's Bespoke Personal Shopping Service is an epicurean experience. It is all about luxury retail, focusing on the ‘slow movement’. Expect to find no fast fashion here - everything is handmade with love :-)

Showcasing a finely curated, ever-changing collection of unique handmade gifts, homewares, ceramics, fashion and jewellery pieces by celebrated artisans from all over the globe.

The collection features mostly hand-made limited edition and one-off collectable pieces that are great conversation starters, appreciated by collectors, tastemakers and fashion aficionados all handpicked by StyleSociety's Fashion Director, Kumari Govender , whose style can be described as an alchemy of old world classic and contemporary.

As per Kumari the Personal Shopping service is by appointment only and available to select top-tier clients who have been pre-approved by myself and added to my special 'Haute List'. I host ultra-exclusive, invite-only, private shopping parties in secret locations with an unending flow of champagne and hors d’oeuvres where my clients get to preview my latest collections before they go on sale to the public.

I also take note of special occasions and assist clients with gifting for birthdays, anniversaries and special holidays. If a client is looking for a bespoke piece of jewellery, premium ceramics, fashion or decor items, I work closely with artisans to create something special and unique for the client. For clients who require Fashion Concierge services, I assist with everything from expert styling advice to tailored wardrobe recommendations. I have also assisted with interior styling and made-to-order furniture for the home.

Kumari Govender, is an influencer, tastemaker, curator of style, fashion entrepreneur and the creative strategist behind the South African Fashion Brand, Style Society™. Widely interviewed for her distinctive wardrobe statements, coveted for her canny ability to predict market trends and respected for the ease with which she can create brand interest through her thoughtfully vetted recommendations, Kumari is a one women army who has seduced a whole generation of style mavens with her piercing fashion insights, and her spot on recommendations.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Bisquit Cognac Perfect Serve

The House of Bisquit Cognac has developed a special serving ritual that demonstrates the best way to enjoy cognac.  The tradition of consuming cognac with many ice cubes or swirling it in the palm of a warm hand does not bring out the best in the cognac for ultimate enjoyment.

The most crucial element of the ritual is the temperature at which the cognac is consumed. In order to ensure the perfect temperature, the Cuillère de Richesse (Spoon of Richness) is employed. The design of the spoon includes a small stainless steel plate upon which an ice cube is placed before cognac is poured gently over it.

The temperature at which cognac is served is important for two main reasons: “Warming cognac is not appropriate as increasing the temperature of the cognac makes the lighter aromas more volatile - they evaporate too quickly, leaving you with an unbalanced glass of cognac. Another consequence of warming cognac is that when the alcohol is warm, it has an aggressive taste - when it is served at the correct temperature, the alcohol is less aggressive, smoother and rounder.” commented Lahouratate.

The Bisquit Cognac Perfect Serve ritual is simple, yet sophisticated:

Step 1: Place the Cuillère de Richesse over the cognac glass.
Step 2: Gently place one ice cube onto the stainless steel plate.
Step 3: Slowly pour a serving of Bisquit V.S.O.P over the ice cube. The Cuillère de Richesse will guide the cognac into the glass through the opening in the spoon.
Step 4: Enjoy your cognac at the perfect temperature!

When using the Perfect Serve, it reduces the amount of time that the cognac is in contact with the ice cube, quickly reducing the temperature but avoiding the dilution of the cognac.
“We are not dictating how everyone should enjoy their cognac, it is after all a matter of personal taste. However, should you wish to become a true Bisquit Cognac connoisseur, our style of cognacs is best suited to our Perfect Serve ritual which brings the cognac to the optimal temperature for maximum enjoyment.” concluded Lahouratate.

The Bisquit Cognac Perfect Serve Kit consists of the Cuillère de Richesse, a bottle of Bisquit V.S.O.P, pair of tongs, four cognac glasses, a pouring spout and a porcelain dish for ice. This kit will not be available for sale to the public but can be enjoyed in selected outlets upon request in the near future. Keep your eyes on the Bisquit Cognac Facebook page for more information.

The Bisquit Cognac Connoisseurs is a prestigious collective dedicated to the enjoyment of the finer things in life. #BisquitCognac #BisquitVIP

Friday, 17 February 2017

Experience the Milky Way star bed at Samara Private Game Reserve

Samara Private Game Reserve near Graaff-Reinet will be launching the Milky Way Star Bed Experience at the end of February 2017, providing guests with a romantic wilderness experience that will take their breath away.

Set against a dramatic mountain backdrop in a secluded location, the platform comprises a bespoke four-poster bed with draped mosquito net. A seating area looks out over the river where wildlife descends to drink. A canvas roof provides shelter in case of inclement weather. Creature comforts are taken care of with luxurious sheets, mohair blankets, dressing gowns and bathroom facilities. A truly ‘Karoo’ luxury sleep-out experience – lit by the twinkling stars overhead.

The award-winning Samara Private Game Reserve Award is located on 70,000 acres of wilderness in the Great Karoo, offering breathtaking views over the Plains of Camdeboo. It boasts over 60 mammal species, including aardvark, cheetah, Cape mountain zebra, giraffe, black and white rhino, buffalo, eland and gemsbok to name but a few.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Lounge in Luxury with WAZ Outdoor

Welcome back summer with luxury for your pool shake off the winter blues and float blissfully into  summer on the new amphibious day-beds and outdoor loungers from WAZ Outdoor, recently launched in South Africa.

A first of its kind in South Africa, this amphibious outdoor furniture is equally at home on land or water. Moving easily from floating comfort on thepool to stylish comfort on the deck or patio, WAZ Outdoor's luxury are the perfect accessory for the discerning entertainer.

What makes WAZ pool-to-patio furniture unparalleled in the local market is its unique design paired with uncompromising quality. Unlike inflatable plastic pool loungers, WAZ Outdoor's luxury loungers andday-beds will not capsize or deflate due to its inner bag which is filled with virgin beads. These beads make all WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture beautifully buoyant and stable in the water, while moulding around allshapes and sizes to ensure absolute comfort.Once your lounger is pulled back on land, water drains easily from the inner bag, ensuring the furniture is always free of mould and emfortless to maintain.

Due to the use of highly spec'd outdoor fabrics, WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture is able to withstand the harsh local climate. Crafted from only super-premium fabric, WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture is fadeproof against the African sun when left outdoors for extended periods. The fabric stands up to chlorinated, salt and rain water, has anti-fungal properties and is guaranteed for three years. It also scores full marks in the easy care department, requiring no majorwashing other than the occasional hosing down, or a light rub to remove more stubborn marks.While ingeniously functional and durable, what also puts WAZ amphibious outdoor furniture firmly into a league of its own is the flawless design of the European Luxe range.

The elegant, stylish curves of the lounger and day-bed are sure to turn heads both in and out of the water, inspiring major envy for entertainers this summer. The internationally inspired European Luxe range is crafted from the best quality imported fabric, and available in a magnificent metallic silver, orange, black or white, with double stitching for optimum strength. By special arrangement, select your own colour to match your outdoor decor. The European Luxe lounger is priced at R12 650, while the day-bed is priced at R11 995. View the European Luxe range as well as the African Summer range online at
  Source: Tracy Tuck Communications