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Saturday, 29 December 2012

AndBeyond Launches Tailormade Yoga Safaris

With the rising trend of health and wellness travel, AndBeyond has added yoga safaris to its unique product offering of luxury experiential travel adventures in Africa.

Each yoga safari will be tailormade by AndBeyond’s travel expert and yoga teacher, Melissa Adey, to suit guests’ specific needs and interests. Melissa will also personally design each safari at the lodge of their choice – whether on the dunes of the Namib Desert, overlooking the Okavango Delta or on the plains of the Masai Mara.

“The African bushveld is the perfect place for people to recognise their place within the universe, and to reconnect with nature and wildlife, but most importantly with oneself. Yoga is a fast track to access this space no matter where you are and to combine it with a luxury safari offers a wonderful opportunity to reconnect on a much deeper level”, says Melissa.

Led by renowned local and international yoga teachers, each safari will include a range of yoga and meditation classes per day in peaceful bushveld surroundings. Guests may enjoy fresh smoothies, raw vegetable and fruit juice or coffee before setting off on interpretive morning game drives. Days can then be spent leisurely relaxing at the lodge pool, enjoying a massage after breakfast or an afternoon siesta before a short yoga class, high tea and an exciting afternoon game drive.

In addition to reconnecting with nature, AndBeyond also offers guests the opportunity to give back to the local communities surrounding its reserves and lodges. Just by choosing to travel with &Beyond, guests can be assured that their travel money is being used to positively influence ongoing conservation development and community empowerment.

About Beyond

AndBeyond is one of the world’s leading experiential adventure travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 16 African countries, as well as India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India’s wilderness highspots. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world renowned.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Suntra Spa

The essence of an exceptional luxury spa requires a great location, excellent therapists and top of range product. This philosophy is taken from a woman who clearly knows her business making Suntra Spa every bit as remarkable as its owner Keren Trabelsi.

The spa draws both its name and inspiration from the legendary star named Suntra responsible for bringing the water element to planet earth. A slick, spacious, state-of-the-art spa offering six treatment suites and the best in holistic, therapeutic and aesthetic care.

This luxury spa with a technispa outlook ensures patrons experience the ultimate in functional indulgence in beautifully designed treatment rooms. Offerings include a wide range of beauty treatments and massages, laser hair removal, detox programmes, day packages and group packages, all designed to help you look and feel your best.

Using the latest technology to provide you with the most advanced care available. The extensive spa-therapy menu has been tailor-made to respect the body's complex physiology and work in synergy with the skin, body, mind and soul.

Home to the BellaBaci Body and Facial Massage Systems  a modern and contemporary innovation based on the ancient traditional alternative/natural healing treatment methods of Chinese Cupping Therapy and Hajima. A highly recommended treatment created by the owner herself.

From non surgical anti-ageing facials to hands-on body therapies; from male grooming and detox programmes to teens and mothers-to-be, Suntra Spa ensures personalised treatments that most effectively address the specific needs of each guest. Indulge yourself and a loved one to a Suntra Sparty with a Luxury Spoil day or enjoy couples therapy of an aesthetic nature and keep the spark alive with Moonlight and Roses.

I had the Ultimate Pedicure at the expert hands of Candice Isaacs based on the Medi-Heel treatment for added indulgence. Starting with the Medi-Heel Tonic followed by AHA Exfoliator, a superb foot massage with Medi-Heel Foot Perfector, shaped and finished with the gorgeous in house nail colour of my choice.

If all the holiday season prepping had you rushing on your feet get some much need rest and relaxation. With convenient valet parking you one less thing to worry about, as you leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind and float up to 7th heaven on the last floor of the spectacular 15 on Orange Hotel.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Bisquit Cognac

Bisquit Cognac now available in stylish Christmas gift sets

Matured in fine French oak, Bisquit Cognac brings to life an exceptional bouquet of aromas and flavours that have won favour with world leaders such as King George IV and Winston Churchill. It owes its award-winning smooth and supple taste to the fact that it is distilled longer than any other cognac in the world.

Originating in the town of Jarnac, France’s Cognac region in 1819 under the guidance of visionary Frenchman Alexandre Bisquit. Double distilled, with a distillation time that is 15% longer than any other cognac with its soft, fresh character and fusion of vanilla, caramel and dried fruit, Bisquit Cognac is best enjoyed neat or topped with ginger ale or lemonade.

Savour the finer things in life this Christmas with an exclusive Bisquit Cognac gift box set. The awarded French cognac now offers Bisquit Classique VS and Bisquit VSOP in stylish gift sets with cognac glasses this festive season. The Bisquit Cognac gift sets cater for all cognac lovers.

The Bisquit Classique VS comes with a Cognac Balloon Glass and both the Bisquit VS and Bisquit VSOP are available in sets with two Crystal Saloma glasses. The Bisquit VSOP is also available in a set with four coasters that can be personalised with a photograph.

The Bisquit Cognac Classique VS or Bisquit VSOP Cognac gift boxes are available at Makro and selected liquor outlets.


Bisquit Cognac is the only global brand that has been awarded a medal for each product in its core range – the Bisquit Classique VS, the Bisquit VSOP and the Bisquit XO Excellence – for four years in a row at the renowned International Wine and Spirit Competition held in London annually including:

  • 2012 – Gold Medal Bisquit Cognac VSOP 
  • 2012 – Silver Medals Bisquit Cognac VS and XO
  • 2011 – Silver Medals Bisquit Cognac VS, VSOP and XO
  • 2010 – Gold Medal Bisquit Cognac XO
  • 2010 – Silver Medal (Best in Class) Bisquit Cognac VS and VSOP
  • 2009 – Gold Medal (Best in Class) Bisquit Cognac VSOP 
  • 2009 – Silver Medal Bisquit Cognac VS and XO 

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

De Hoop Collection - The Nature of Luxury

Tucked away behind the Potberg Mountains you’ll hardly believe this vast expanse of land with its captivating fauna and flora exists. Down in the valley De Hoop Nature Reserve beckons, experience the tranquility of nature.

Only three hours from Cape Town in the Overberg region, near the southernmost tip of Africa along the world renowned Garden and Whale Routes. It’s a destination favoured by hikers, cyclists and bird watchers the early winter and summer ideal for whale watching. Few other reserves offer as complete an outdoor experience as this. Sea, sand dunes, the vlei, a floral sensation of rare fynbos plants, diverse antelope and the Potberg Mountains. Nothing less than a three night stay will do.

Experience it best in the lap of luxury at the Melkkamer Manor house. Fully-catered 5-star service in a beautifully restored “Ostrich Palace” built from indigenous limestone. The perfect destination for discerning guests who seek the privacy of sole-use villa accommodation, comprising four magnificently appointed en-suite bedrooms. All meals are included and prepared in the manors kitchen by a private chef with butler service the ideal base for a tailor-made De Hoop experience complete with a private guide and transportation.

Catch the morning sun while enjoying a delicious breakfast on the spacious veranda overlooking the cottages and wetland area called, the Vlei, a Ramsar site and birders paradise. Observe wading birds on its shores while setting off on the vlei trail, workup and appetite and have lunch on the banks.

Sumptuous gourmet cuisine accompanies your entire stay. Highlights include white chocolate Panna Cotta, delectable Coconut shrimp at the expert hands of Executive Chef, Marcia Tyobeka, a sheer genius with vegetarian dishes being a vegetarian herself. 

With a very rich history, favoured by government officials as a well kept secret it only opened to the public many decades later. The Potberg Mountains are home to the only remaining breeding colony of the rare Cape vulture. Hikers and cyclists have close-up encounters with Bontebok, Cape mountain zebra, eland, baboons and ostrich. The many terrestrial habitats support 86 mammal species, most notably the Grey Rhebuck, Yellow Mongoose, Caracal and the occasional Leopard. Famous for its variety of resident and migratory bird species more than 260 species have been recorded.

The adjacent De Hoop Marine Protected Area extends three nautical miles (5 km) out to sea, one of the largest marine protected areas in Africa. Providing a sanctuary for a vast and fascinating array of marine life mammals such as dolphins and seals occur in the waters off the coast and southern right whales calve and mate in the sheltered bays of De Hoop each year between May and December. At least 250 species of fish occur in the marine protected area. When to go Summer time preferably at the new or full moon when the tides are high enough to expose the magnificent rock pools at the coast line.

World-renowned as one of the best land based whale-watching spots this coastline is transformed into one of the world's most important nursery areas for southern right whales. Whale watchers regularly stand in awe at the sight of more than 50 of these sea giants lying a mere kilometre from the coast.
The perfect after dinner experience, stargazing, merely a few metres from the lights of the manor house enveloped in total darkness with nothing but the night sky glittering above. As if watching a PowerPoint presentation in a dark room the stars loom so bright and close a luminous green laser beaming up touching the stars.

South Africa is right above the Antarctic a mere 15 degrees from the prime meridian the galactic centre of the milky way providing a view of billions of stars. So how many times can you point at something and say it’s literally out of this world, twice, the large and small Magellanic clouds arguably the most amazing objects in the night sky anywhere in the world.

Easily mistaken for ordinary clouds they are big, white, and puffy, until you realize they are in the same spot night after night two entirely different galaxies visible with the naked eye. So close they appear much bigger than anything else visible from Earth. The larger cloud is a gigantic view of the fourth largest galaxy in the universe.

Circumpolar constellations appear closer to the North and South Poles and are only visible in its corresponding hemisphere staying above the horizon all night orbiting the poles. The southern hemisphere has 11 including six first-order magnitude stars, whereas the northern hemisphere only has five none of which are very bright. The Southern Cross is the brightest and most iconic constellation in its Hemisphere.

Within the Southern Cross, the Jewel Box Cluster showcases colourful stars that look like precious stones twinkling in the night sky. The colours come from a red supergiant amongst very bright blue supergiants and other brilliantly coloured stars, some of which have luminosities 80,000 times that of the sun.

Other constellations include Vela harbouring a neutron star, the Vela Pulsar, rotating 11 times per second its intense magnetic field emits audible pulsating radio signals. Centaurus boasts the greatest number of visible stars. Next to the Jewel Box is Omega Centauri, the second brightest globular cluster in either hemisphere with the most massive concentration of stars orbiting the centre of the Milky Way. Looking at the white strip of the Milky Way across the sky.

Because it is brighter in the southern hemisphere and the dark nebulae within it are more pronounced. Situated between the two brightest stars of the Southern Cross is the most prominent nebula the Coalsack. A brighter nebula, the Eta Carinae Nebula, is home to the most massive star in the galaxy, Eta Carinae, which is one of the most exciting stars because it is unstable and thought to be the next star to die in a supernova.

In addition to permanent constellations, the southern hemisphere hosts rare astronomical events, such as total solar eclipses. Only visible from a tiny percentage of the Earth’s surface and therefore requiring travel to very specific places. Last month’s solar eclipse was only viewable from northwest Australia.

The reserve provides nature lovers and the outdoorsy with unique comfortable overnight accommodation situated at spectacular locations. East of Bredasdorp the reserve can also be accessed via Swellendam and is an ideal stop over enroute from the Cape Winelands to Plettenberg Bay.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ryk Neethling Celebrates his Birthday in Opulent Style

Olympic gold medalist, Ryk Neethling, hosted a sophisticated celebrity party on Saturday 17th November to celebrate his 35th birthday.The star-studded affair took place at the chic Polo Club at Val de Vie Estate where he is also Marketing Director.

Organised by luxury events specialists, Brandnew Lifestyle. Fine Brandy. By Design and Blackberry South Africa teamed up to make this “Gentleman Polo Chic” themed event possible, spoiling the VIP guests at every turn.

Singer Beshara
Ryk with Lanie Visser BlackBerry Marketing Director

On arrival, delicious Fine Brandy. By Design cocktails were served, including the Klipdrift Gold Julep, Fish Eagle Rio and Collisions Cosmo. Guests enjoyed sumptuous canapés and an exciting polo match with the Drakensburg mountains as a dramatic backdrop, whilst being entertained by esteemed singer, Beshara.

Elana Meyer
Lia Du Preez, Lisa-Marie Marais and Aaron
Ryk with Val de Vie home owners & directors Evan, Eugene, Renier, Wynand, Sarel
Tanya van Graan and boyfriend Kasper

Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s classic style, the décor incorporated sophisticated white and navy elements throughout, including two beautifully presented 50-seater tables where guests were then treated to a gourmet dinner prepared by the revered Polo Club chefs.

Tammy Lederle and Callum Lacey

After an indulgent dinner, an all-white tiered dessert station was revealed and the dance floor opened by entertainer DJ Rene, whilst men were lavished with Fine Brandy. By Design cigars and after-dinner drinks in the bar. A photo booth with polo-inspired props, including beautiful fascinators by The Little Hattery, meant that each guest could have a photo printed as a keepsake.

On departure, ladies were gifted with a Sensai goodie bag, containing a range of exclusive Sensai products worth over R1600, as well as a Moleskin Polo diary. Men left with Fine Brandy. By Design Fedoras atop their heads.

Friday, 7 December 2012

African Pride - 15 on Orange

Welcome to Cape Town’s newest Style Icon.

Set adjacent to the Cape Town Planetarium the real star is next door, five star to be exact. The epitome of urban luxury is a breath of fresh air and awash with sunlight. Designed as an alternative contemporary space to the predominantly colonial styled and somewhat stilted five star accommodations about the city. This elegant experience begins with an engineered stone “red carpet” reception set in crisp white Volakas marble it becomes clear that this is no ordinary luxury hotel.

Exploring the fine art of space and light 15 on Orange Hotel is all about personal space. Offering sensual sophistication and style by combining distinctive architecture and exquisite luxury with the renowned first-class service of African Pride Hotels. The setting is urban chic permeating throughout right down to the soothing rhythms of Africa softly playing in the background.

Unique finishes, one-of-a-kind artworks and exclusive designer touches surround 129 accentuated bedrooms and suites ranging between 40m2 and 100m2, your world just got bigger. Throughout each of the exquisitely appointed spacious rooms, a breathtaking fusion of cosmopolitan comfort and natural splendour is offered at every turn.

With the strictest of security in mind only the first and last floors are public spaces. The latter is home to the luxuriously high-tech Suntra Spa. Comprising an extravagant atrium housing Cinnamon Deli and coffee lovers can fuel their addiction with the finest coffees the world has to offer in this chic café. Indulge in your favourite delicacy from the patisserie fridge or select a cheese to enjoy after dinner. Pods alongside Cinnamon Coffee Shop offer on-the-go executives a private work station with Wi-fi access, a work desk and international plug points.

The same space also houses Savour restaurant where you can feed your soul with sumptuous local and international flavours. Experience chef Michael Meyepa’s inspired global menu in an out-of-this-world setting. Or book the private dining room free of charge the hotels most in demand location.

Cape Town evenings set in shimmering luxury right next door where local and international cognoscenti meet to relax with sundowners at the opulent Murano Bar with adjacent terrace. The bar lends its name from the exquisite Murano glass chandelier dominating the space. 18 000 individual, interlocking pieces of glass cascading from the ceiling reminiscent of the decadent bubbles to be found in Moët.

At the opposite end of the atrium unwind at the refined Judges Lounge or its spacious accompanying balcony. The Cape Town sunset transforms into vibrant nightlife when the myriad lights bring 15 on Orange Hotel alive with the sights and sounds of the night.

Downstairs business and pleasure are no longer mutually exclusive world class facilities in a truly inspiring setting takes care of business as usual. With stylish workstations to state-of -the- art executive boardrooms. A versatile multipurpose conference room, every business whim is taken care of and draped in style. I arrived to a fully booked establishment buzzing with activity as staff prepared for various events and conferences and its accompanying guests.

Strategically located in the upmarket suburb of Gardens the cultural hub at the foot of Table Mountain. On the fringe of the vibrant city centre guests are within walking distance of the National Museum, the Planetarium, the Company Gardens - the green jewel in the heart of the metropolis, in close proximity to superb golf courses and the Long Street Baths. Exclusive shopping awaits at the selection of high end retailer outlets while the world-class shopping paradise of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is merely minutes away.

15 on Orange Hotel, corner Grey’s Pass and Orange Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 8000
Tel: +27 (0) 21 469 8000 Fax: +27 (0) 21 469 8001 Email: