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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Errol Arendz – DuSud 2013 Winter Collection

Keep stylishly warm with the Errol Arendz – DuSud launching the definitive 2013 Winter Collection.

 This season Errol Arendz has given the nod to poppy pink, slate grey, black & white, cobalt, animal print, violet and anthracite – essential colours that should be incorporated into your winter wardrobe.

“We are celebrating the hourglass figure with waistlines, peplums and sleek skirts, allowing all women to be the star this winter,” says Arendz. Expect to find clashing colours, seductive designs, strong shapes, texture and glamour in this winter collection.

Stock up your wardrobe with the Errol Arendz – Dusud Hero Pieces or as we like to call them, the chameleons, which can change and work for any occasion. The statement white peplum shirt can be teamed with a pair of black double zipped knit pants, killer heels, a Swarovski leather bracelet and you are ready to impress.

A trench coat will tie in with everything in your wardrobe and the leather reversible bomber jacket will last you for seasons. The scarf blouse and pencil skirt are essential items to have in your wardrobe as they are versatile and can be worn a number of ways.

Add some shine to your wardrobe with a pair of gold sequin slouch pants or a glitterati cardigan in neutral or poppy pink.

For a night out on the town the lace bondage print dress in cobalt and black paired with Olivia heels is the perfect sexy yet sophisticated look and for those diva’s out there, a drama queen dress is sure to leave jaws dropping.

Shoes are the perfect accessory for your winter outfit and a must for winter are ankle boots, wedges, and knee high boots in bright and nude colours.

Errol Arendz – DuSud, the luxury ready to wear range, offers haute street dresses, tops, pants, coats, shoes and accessories for the stylish and sophisticated woman, who appreciates quality luxurious fabrics.

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