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Monday, 30 January 2012

QMS Medicosmetics - Regenerating Inner Beauty

The 3 Core Products of the QMS System
Formulated by Dr. med. Erich Schulte, an aesthetic surgeon, lecturer and international authority on skin aging and regeneration, based on research led, collagen enhancing technology to create a bespoke regenerative system of skincare.

Skin reflects the accumulated damage of the environmental conditions and neglect it has been exposed to. The damage, like damage that occurs in skin that has been burnt or wounded, persists in the form of scarring seen as marks on the skin and changes in texture. Aging appearance of the skin is also due to a lack of collagen. With chronological aging skin slows production of collagen. Thus the effective treatment for wounded, exposed and aging skin is absorption of collagen.

In the 1970s Dr med. Erich Schulte worked at the Maxillo Facial Department for reconstructive plastic surgery at the Göttingen University Clinic in Germany. His patients were mainly severe accident and burn wound victims. At the time surgery could lead to the reconstruction of the shape of the face but skin remained scarred and damaged. He researched wound healing and found collagen to be highly significant. He knew that if he could find a way to reintroduce collagen into the skin, scar formation would be reduced and skin could be regenerated.

Later, working in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. He continued to scientifically investigate skin regeneration. This led him to develop a unique method to condition natural soluble collagens so that they can penetrate into the epidermis and be applied topically to skin thereby allowing skin to regenerate. Due to visible improvements in skin texture as well as skin healing when used in post-operative treatment he used the products for pre-operative treatment as well and found exceptional results could be achieved.

In 1987 he developed QMS Medicosmetics as a complete skincare and rejuvenation system of products available for use by other surgeons, in beauty salons, spas and at home. QMS Medicosmetics products can be used individually, however by using a combination of products better results will be achieved as they work together to transform skin. The original three products of Exfoliant Fluid, Day Collagen and Night Collagen are still the foundation of the collection.

His research is focused on delivery techniques to enhance the metabolism of the ingredients in addition to searching for unique ingredients and high-tech delivery systems. The original formulation of Night Collagen was developed in a surgical context and was so effective at improving skin tone and appearance that it led to the development of the !QMS Medicosmetics range for use at home. The Classic Set of Exfoliant Fluid, Day Collagen and Night Collagen is the foundation of daily treatment for facial skin and targeted treatment. Consumers can add specific products to customise their skincare to treat areas of concern and suit their needs.

Complementing the effective treatment of facial skin is the !QMS Medicosmetics body care range which delivers the same high level of performance to body treatment, transforming the appearance of skin as well as moisturising. Body Shape firms contours and Refirming Neck & More nourishes the delicate skin of the décolletage. Further enhancement of skin condition is provided by Intravital the nutritional supplement designed by !QMS Medicosmetics to recondition, regenerate and protect skin by enhancing the collagen production cycle and providing an advanced combination of anti-oxidants. 

With Dr. Schulte’s passion for the skin and his revolutionary research, the QMS Medicosmetics collection continues to be at the forefront of skincare. For products, therapists and stockists in Southern Africa visit Futurethis. International Skincare Spa's and Global Locations. To get some insight into the treatment step by step here's a review by Alexandra van Tonder at CTG.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gandhi in Africa - Satyagraha House

The Satyagraha House - Gandhi's house, Johannesburg

Now transformed into a museum and guesthouse South Africa’s liberation heritage has been further enriched with the official opening of Mahatma Gandhi’s historical Johannesburg home, for those eager to immerse themselves in the Gandhi life experience.

His concept of passive resistance became known at Satyagraha (Sanskrit for ‘truth force’) – the name chosen for the new tourism destination for those who have not forgotten Gandhi’s South African experience and wish to learn more. The guesthouse component of Satyagraha House comprises nine rooms and a restaurant offering strictly vegetarian fare in accordance with Gandhi’s own dietary preference. 

Jean François Rial noted: “Satyagraha House marks an important passage in a liberation struggle that was later taken up in South Africa by leaders such as Nelson Mandela. “We believe the site will attract both South African and international visitors and will resonate particularly with those with an abiding interest in the struggle to combat racism and ultimately apartheid.' “The house tells its own compelling story, but can also be integrated into a wider visitor experience by combining a visit here with visits to Soweto, Constitution Hill and Johannesburg’s Old Fort Prison, a jail where Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were both held.”
Interior of The Satyagraha House

The Orchards house was built in 1907. The property is revered as the place where the future Mahatma (‘Great Soul’) conceptualised and evolved his philosophy of passive resistance – the pacifist method of protest that he subsequently employed in India when leading the country to independence.

Fabrice Dabouineau, Director Voyageurs du Monde and Mr. Cllr Prema Naidoo - Chief Whip of the JHB City Council

The house is the only place where Gandhi lived in South Africa that has been preserved. Exhibits celebrate Gandhi’s life while reflecting the minimalism and simplicity that characterised his life. The opening of Satyagraha House will also showcase cultural diversity through Indian music performed on traditional instruments by local artists and vegetarian cooking. The guesthouse experience includes morning meditation. Take a trip through this South African heritage site and experience the sparse universe of Gandhi, the rich history of South Africa, authentic architecture and simple, raw interior. 
In the middle - Mr. Sonam Tenzing - The Dalai Lama's Representative in SA

The faithfully restored Satyagraha House in Orchards was opened on November 8 by Jean François Rial, CEO of French travel company Voyageurs du Monde and Satyagraha House (Pty) Ltd, at a ceremony attended by senior Indian and French diplomats and representatives of the Department of Tourism, Gauteng Tourism and the international media.
Jean Francoise Rial, CEO Voyageurs du Monde

Voyageurs du Monde, the first French company to invest in ‘liberation tourism’ within South Africa, bought the property two years ago. Since then, with assistance from local historians, the company has re-created an authentic Edwardian home and developed on on-site museum complete with Gandhi memorabilia and period pieces from India that reflect the development of Mahatma Gandhi’s anti-colonial and anti-racism philosophy and his commitment to non-violence.

The team who made The Satyagraha House possible.

Voyageurs du Monde specialises in travel-related services with strong focus on personalised travel itineraries, guided tours and flight and hotel reservation services. It organises international conferences, exhibitions and craft fairs and operates across Africa, South America, Asia, the USA and Europe. Voyageurs du Monde offers accommodation services in Morocco, Brazil, Egypt and now South Africa.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Black Tie Affair - 5 For Change

The Runway
Setting the stage for Change!
Three young and dynamic professionals have found the golden thread that will sew back together the social fabric of Cape Town. These three inspiring individuals have discovered a way to capture the energy of the buzzing scene in Cape Town and direct it towards raising social awareness for 5 local charity projects identified for making a pertinent and notable difference in the lives of others.  Get dressed to impress, because perceptions about philanthropy and sustainable social change are about to be set.

5 For Change's Adriaan Dippenaar comments “We were very influenced by the approach taken in the US, particularly in the bigger cities like New York, where black tie events are both a huge social event, and an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for organisations. There isn't really anything too similar in Cape Town on an annual basis, and we think a city like this deserves its own black tie fundraiser that brings people who are socially active opinion leaders in their circles together to make a difference.”

This project identifies the active members of society, the movers, the shakers, and the statement makers, to add social investment onto their busy 'to do' lists. The aim is to canvass professionals in corporate roles and entrepreneurs, whose fast paced, time constrained lifestyles do not always leave space for them to be exposed to platforms from which they can begin to ‘give back.’  Whilst climbing the ladder of their careers, social engagement and networking plays a key role in getting to the top. 5 for Change meets these individuals ''where they are at” by hosting a chic, high profile party that will become an annual fixture on the Cape Town social calendar.

5 for Change sees throwing a sensational ‘do’ as a way to keep efforts for social change fresh in the memory of party-goers.  Dave Deetlefs, 5 For Change co-founder, adds “We hope it will be the start of raising social consciousness amongst young working professionals and showcasing how easy it is to make a difference without necessarily changing your lifestyle.”

Expect to see bedazzling A-listers at the formal event followed by a party with popular musical acts, as they raise awareness about and money for the 5 selected organisations. “It's an interactive evening where guests can view and engage with creative, inspiring and thought provoking displays presented by the 5 different organisations and simultaneously learn more about how these organisations are changing the face of altruism and philanthropic Cape Town” comments Ross Mckernan from 5 For Change.

Write On Africa
The 5 selected charities involved in the inaugural 2012 campaign are:

By Invitation Only