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Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Black Tie Affair - 5 For Change

The Runway
Setting the stage for Change!
Three young and dynamic professionals have found the golden thread that will sew back together the social fabric of Cape Town. These three inspiring individuals have discovered a way to capture the energy of the buzzing scene in Cape Town and direct it towards raising social awareness for 5 local charity projects identified for making a pertinent and notable difference in the lives of others.  Get dressed to impress, because perceptions about philanthropy and sustainable social change are about to be set.

5 For Change's Adriaan Dippenaar comments “We were very influenced by the approach taken in the US, particularly in the bigger cities like New York, where black tie events are both a huge social event, and an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for organisations. There isn't really anything too similar in Cape Town on an annual basis, and we think a city like this deserves its own black tie fundraiser that brings people who are socially active opinion leaders in their circles together to make a difference.”

This project identifies the active members of society, the movers, the shakers, and the statement makers, to add social investment onto their busy 'to do' lists. The aim is to canvass professionals in corporate roles and entrepreneurs, whose fast paced, time constrained lifestyles do not always leave space for them to be exposed to platforms from which they can begin to ‘give back.’  Whilst climbing the ladder of their careers, social engagement and networking plays a key role in getting to the top. 5 for Change meets these individuals ''where they are at” by hosting a chic, high profile party that will become an annual fixture on the Cape Town social calendar.

5 for Change sees throwing a sensational ‘do’ as a way to keep efforts for social change fresh in the memory of party-goers.  Dave Deetlefs, 5 For Change co-founder, adds “We hope it will be the start of raising social consciousness amongst young working professionals and showcasing how easy it is to make a difference without necessarily changing your lifestyle.”

Expect to see bedazzling A-listers at the formal event followed by a party with popular musical acts, as they raise awareness about and money for the 5 selected organisations. “It's an interactive evening where guests can view and engage with creative, inspiring and thought provoking displays presented by the 5 different organisations and simultaneously learn more about how these organisations are changing the face of altruism and philanthropic Cape Town” comments Ross Mckernan from 5 For Change.

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The 5 selected charities involved in the inaugural 2012 campaign are:

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