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Monday, 17 December 2012

Bisquit Cognac

Bisquit Cognac now available in stylish Christmas gift sets

Matured in fine French oak, Bisquit Cognac brings to life an exceptional bouquet of aromas and flavours that have won favour with world leaders such as King George IV and Winston Churchill. It owes its award-winning smooth and supple taste to the fact that it is distilled longer than any other cognac in the world.

Originating in the town of Jarnac, France’s Cognac region in 1819 under the guidance of visionary Frenchman Alexandre Bisquit. Double distilled, with a distillation time that is 15% longer than any other cognac with its soft, fresh character and fusion of vanilla, caramel and dried fruit, Bisquit Cognac is best enjoyed neat or topped with ginger ale or lemonade.

Savour the finer things in life this Christmas with an exclusive Bisquit Cognac gift box set. The awarded French cognac now offers Bisquit Classique VS and Bisquit VSOP in stylish gift sets with cognac glasses this festive season. The Bisquit Cognac gift sets cater for all cognac lovers.

The Bisquit Classique VS comes with a Cognac Balloon Glass and both the Bisquit VS and Bisquit VSOP are available in sets with two Crystal Saloma glasses. The Bisquit VSOP is also available in a set with four coasters that can be personalised with a photograph.

The Bisquit Cognac Classique VS or Bisquit VSOP Cognac gift boxes are available at Makro and selected liquor outlets.


Bisquit Cognac is the only global brand that has been awarded a medal for each product in its core range – the Bisquit Classique VS, the Bisquit VSOP and the Bisquit XO Excellence – for four years in a row at the renowned International Wine and Spirit Competition held in London annually including:

  • 2012 – Gold Medal Bisquit Cognac VSOP 
  • 2012 – Silver Medals Bisquit Cognac VS and XO
  • 2011 – Silver Medals Bisquit Cognac VS, VSOP and XO
  • 2010 – Gold Medal Bisquit Cognac XO
  • 2010 – Silver Medal (Best in Class) Bisquit Cognac VS and VSOP
  • 2009 – Gold Medal (Best in Class) Bisquit Cognac VSOP 
  • 2009 – Silver Medal Bisquit Cognac VS and XO 

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