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Monday, 27 August 2012

Bow Boutique - Ghana

Bow Boutique's entry into Ghana a major gateway to the Africa market, is strategically positioned to offer the most discerning fashion minds, a one-stop shopping experience. 

A leader in the sale of carefully selected fashion forward apparel and impressive shoe selection sourced from some of the major brands in London, New York and Paris.

“The buying team at Bow Boutique in Accra has tapped into the shift in taste of contemporary shoppers and developed a fresh, new forum where this segment of the industry can develop and flourish,” the company has said. Apart from bringing a world-class boutique to Accra, Bow is also bringing the very famous Sika brand which is known all over the world for its trendiness and avant-garde statements, to Accra.

Bow Boutique is the exclusive stockiest of Sika designs in Africa. Sika's collections are currently stocked in fashion forward boutiques such as New York, Australia, London and Tokyo, and have also been featured in several international publications including the Vogue, Grazia and Marie Claire magazines as well as The London Evening Standard, New York Metro, Washington Post among several others.

“Bow is the sister company to Sika, offering customers a unique opportunity to purchase exclusive Sika garments as well as handpicked pieces from across the globe. Bow is a beautiful store with an amazing concept, which we hope to replicate across Africa. Ghana's economic growth has been outstanding over the past ten years and we are proud to be part of that growth”.

Phyllis Taylor of Sika Designs says: “It is an integral part of Sika's mission to give back to the Ghanaian community by using skilled tailors and seamstresses to encourage other international brands to produce in Ghana, in turn, raising the standard of the textile and garment industry in Africa.

About Bow Boutique

'Variety' is the fundamental focus of Bow Boutiques ethos. We strive to bring you carefully selected fashion forward apparel, coupled with a high-end trend lead shoe selection and hand made accessories from brands sourced in London, New York and Paris. For the first time in West Africa, Bow Boutique Accra aims to offer even the most discerning fashion shopper everything one could ask for under one roof! The buying team at Bow Boutique Accra have tapped into the shift in taste of contemporary shoppers and have developed fresh new a forum where this segment of the industry can develop and flourish.

For more information please contact: +233 570179677 or email
Bow Boutique is situated in the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra, Ghana.

View a video of the opening
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