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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Crossley & Webb Launching Automotive Investment Showroom

Crossley & Webb is set to become Cape Town’s premier automotive investment destination with the upcoming launch of their 1400 square meter showroom facility in the trendy Wembley Square precinct.

Launching this October the historic red-brick building is currently being transformed into a world class investment grade auto-trading and lifestyle centre. The masterminds behind this unique venture are experienced motoring enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Gareth Crossley and Bryan Webb, both of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Supercar and classic car investments to local and international investors.

“Crossley & Webb originated from of our joint experience and passion for investment motoring and desire to offer our clients as well as other investors a destination venue to access the ever increasing opportunities available in the market for classic and collectable vehicles as an alternative form of investment,” says co-founder Gareth Crossley.

With over 15 years’ experience in the Premium Motoring sector, Gareth has previously held senior positions at BMW, Maserati and Ferrari, while Bryan is an acclaimed engineer and enthusiastic collector who brings his experience and business acumen to the workshop and restoration side of the business. The designer venue will house Crossley & Webb’s four aligned business units to provide a unique turn-key solution for motoring enthusiasts including procurement, sales, valuation, restoration and advice on fleet management from daily drivers to investment classics.

The sales department will offer carefully selected investment grade classics, sports cars and Super cars traded both locally and internationally, as well as assistance on structuring the acquisitions, insurance and warranty products. The personal nature of the classic and investment vehicle business has resulted in Crossley & Webb aligning themselves with a team of industry specialists able to offer technical advice, conduct historical research and thorough valuations thereby offering a comprehensive platform to make the most informed decision when investing in a classic or sports car.

“International trends, matched to our experience have shown that there is a rapidly growing local and international demand for selected classic cars, resulting in meaningful capital gains for our clients. Acquiring a classic can often be a passionate decision because the buyer just has to have it, however if the right car is bought and maintained, it will not only offer many hours of motoring pleasure but act as a real investment alternative. The detailed knowledge and reach of our team allows us to present specific propositions so that our clients can truly experience the joy of motoring,” comments Bryan.

Professional storage of investment grade vehicles has also become a critical element in retaining asset value, Crossley & Webb has designed unique state of the art de-humidified glass storage vaults available for monthly hire. This bespoke service will be offered to all serious collectors, especially along the Atlantic Seaboard functioning as a crowd puller and social talking point. This convenient offering includes routine maintenance services, professional valets, all insurances as well as complimentary transportation for the client and vehicle for the duration of the contract.

With so much dazzling hardware on display, expect the Crossley & Webb showroom and classic car clinic to quickly become the hub for sports car and investment car enthusiasts. “The clinic will offer modern upgrades and restorations for sought after classics as well as routine servicing for sports cars and Supercars out of warranty,” concludes Bryan.

“To elegantly cater for the lifestyle requirements of our clients and allow them to spend time with their prized possessions, we will also offer a state of the art boardroom and meeting facilities, not to mention a designer Truth coffee bar, serving up the best coffee in town,” says Gareth.

Housed within the building will also be the local offices of international Supercar timeshare franchise - Écurie 25. “The decision to secure the South African franchise of Écurie 25 was taken in order to balance Crossley & Webb’s overall product offering with a financially intelligent means of enjoying modern Supercars,” comments Gareth.

Founded in London in 2005, Écurie 25 is the world’s premier Supercar timeshare company with eight offices worldwide, including the UK, US, Australia and now Cape Town. Membership to this elite community is restricted so as to ensure availability of the vehicles to members at all times whilst also offering a variety of lifestyle benefits. Plus access to a collection of more than 50 of the most desirable vehicles in the world ranging from a Lamborghini Aventador to Rolls Royce’s and e-Type Jags.

Maintenance and running costs of Supercars and sports cars are well documented, and as a result are normally aligned to significant depreciation, and this is where E25 presents a viable alternative. The financial, lifestyle and subsequent networking benefits of a membership are many considering the fact that an annual membership is positioned at less than a year’s depreciation for a top end Supercar.

An Écurie 25 membership also offers more than just access to a bevy of Supercars it includes reciprocal access to any E25 club worldwide, as well as invitations to social events, driving tours and VIP hospitality at local and international automotive events worldwide.

With Cape Town set to celebrate its recognition as The Design Capital of the World in 2014, the Crossley & Webb showroom will be a visual and acoustic highlight on everyone’s agenda, establishing itself as the Supercar and classic car investment hub of South Africa.