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Monday, 12 December 2011

PANDORA Collection - Nostalgic Rock Vintage With Attitude!

PANDORA’s latest collection celebrates feminine beauty with a little edge and a lot of cool.

The theme this season is Nostalgic Rock, a genre of excitement and raw elegance. The new PANDORA collection evokes that spirit in a range of superbly hand-finished gold and silver jewellery with more options for creative adventures than ever before.

 A brand new necklace concept allows for mixing and matching the elegant and stylish with the fresh and daring. Intricate patterns and new finishes combine the feel of a bygone era with the passion of today. Each new piece of jewellery ties in beautifully with the colours and themes of previous collections and can be combined with all-time favourites to create stunning new looks.
PANDORA proudly unveils a new concept: a new range of exquisite sterling silver necklaces – there are 20 new pieces in all – to combine into a multitude of luxurious layered looks that can be changed to fit any mood or style.

This exquisite selection includes long or short, multi-textured or simple, fine or chunky sterling silver chains that come with or without gemstones. Finishes include lustrous and shiny, edgy and oxidised or black rhodium silver. All necklaces can be linked together with PANDORA’s new S-lock. Simply slip the ends onto the necklace and secure with one of this season’s 14k gold clips or with one of the sterling silver clips, whose raw edgy shapes and finishes evoke a Nostalgic Rock attitude. The small S-lock can hold up to four necklaces, and the large S-lock as many as eight.

One new necklace design stands out and adds to the styling options: the necklace features anchor points along the chain to attach different clips. Make a real statement, and clip on this season’s new sterling silver clips in raw, sculptural shapes such as perfect spheres and angular hexagons, and finishes that epitomise the Nostalgic Rock theme. Alternatively, pick a favourite decorative clip from a PANDORA charm bracelet or from the traditional designs available in the ever-popular bracelet range.

PANDORA’s charm bracelets exemplify the brand: Women can design personal bracelets by selecting pieces that signify the treasured, unforgettable moments of their lives. That tradition continues with some exciting twists.  

Style PANDORA bracelets with this season’s new charms and decorative clips that come in distinctive shapes. The latest release includes oxidised sterling silver pieces, some flashing with zirconia and new oversized charms.

There are decorative clips inspired by Nostalgic Rock, including one in sterling silver that playfully mimics studs on a leather jacket. There are special double clips to anchor two or more bracelets together. In addition two new leather bracelets with either silver or 14k gold clasps add the colours pink and purple to the range of leather and textile bracelets.

Also new this season: two new sterling silver bracelets with a clean, modern look. One bracelet holds just one decorative clip, the other as many as five. This bracelet takes any clip – choose from the traditional collection or add some rock edge with the new geometric clips.

As with all PANDORA jewellery, earrings are hand-finished, made with solid 14k gold and sterling silver and interchangeable to mix and match for a personal style. PANDORA earrings come to life through the creativity of those who wear them.

Create an earring set with studs, hooks or hoops in sterling silver or 14k gold and go from there. Assemble unique pieces by mixing and matching exquisite gemstones, pearls or black oxidised stars to get this season’s Nostalgic Rock look.

PANDORA also introduces earrings, pendants and dangle charms with intricate patterns inspired by delicate lace. These pieces are created in 14k solid gold and feature cultured freshwater pearls or brilliant-cut diamonds. Wear them on their own for a classic look or layer them for a more edgy style.

PANDORA rings form a cascade of gold, sterling silver and gemstones. This is hand-finished jewellery that is superbly designed and truly versatile. Wear the rings together in ever-changing combinations to create looks that are both lively and glamorous.

The latest collection brings new designs in solid 14k gold, sterling silver and black oxidised sterling silver with colourful gemstones. Florally inspired designs with a raw edgy twist bring statement rings that add depth to the collection. Large cocktail rings with a floral setting come with amethyst or grey moonstone and are perfect for stacking with this season’s finer rings – an oxidised silver band of flowers, or a fluted silver ring decorated with five delicate cultured freshwater pearls. Two large coloured-pearl rings, in 14k gold, round out the luxurious end of the new collection.

PANDORA’s rings work beautifully with other pieces of PANDORA jewellery, such as rings in the exceptional LovePods collection. Wear LovePods rings individually or stack them in an interlocking row. For the first time, the rings are available in three types of gold to create a stunning set. Combine new 18k rose gold rings with pieces in 18k white and yellow gold. Match the rings with LovePods designs such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, decorated with colourful gemstones or brilliant-cut diamonds.

Unforgettable moments shine through with the PANDORA Black Crown Diamond watches. Each watch is decorated with a black diamond - an exclusive signature feature that ties in perfectly with this season’s Nostalgic Rock theme.

PANDORA introduces two new watch designs: ICON and Liquid Silver. ICON watches feature a variety of stylish bezels and straps that can be put together and switched to create a unique, personal watch for any occasion. Liquid Silver watches are inspired by PANDORA’s line of bangles, rings and earrings with sculptural silhouettes and pure shapes. 

The watches are available with black, white or purple straps and dials in black, white or glossy silver. All PANDORA watches bring together Swiss-made durability, quality and precision with this season’s edgy rock aesthetic. It’s time to put an exquisite finishing touch on your PANDORA style.
For more information visit PANDORA or call 011 706 2377.


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