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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mega-Hug Cares Campaign

The Mega-hug was born out of love and care for a loved one – my mom!

My darling mom needed warmth and company during her time in Grahamstown Hospice after her stroke, which had left her paralysed on her left side. 


When I found the fabulous new fabric called coral fleece, I realised that all I needed to do was come up with a simple design for a shoulder wrap that would easily settle around her, whilst still allowing her to manage it on her own - with one hand.

It worked. It would keep her warm yet left her lower arms clear to move freely for any chosen activity or to open easily when too hot. The resulting wrap proved a winner. The comfort, warmth and “company” it gave were incredibly gratifying.

I was soon making the wraps for family and friends for all sorts of reasons and sewing my hugs into each cuddly fleece. They proved to be the best gifts ever!

I gave each wrap with a gift-tag proclaiming that my arms were wrapped around them in the folds of the fleece and that I was close in spirit whenever the shrug was wrapped around them - together with a personal hug! It was amazing - all recipients loved the intent with which it was given and wanted to give the same to their own loved ones.

Now for every few Mega-hugs I sell, I donate one Mega-hug to a person in need, at organisations like the My Child Has Cancer Trust, the Hospitals in particular the Cancer wards, old age homes, hospices and safe houses.

You can help with this “Mega-hugs Cares Campaign” by adding an extra R50 when you purchase your Mega-hug for your loved one, and I will then be able to donate another Mega-hug to a person in need.

There is a Mega-Hug out there for all of your needs – make sure you get one today.

Visit or email or call 072 714 2332. Twitter: @MegaHugSA