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Friday, 14 June 2013

GROHE Multi-spray Rainshower® F-Series Pleasure to the Power of Three

New head and ceiling showers in the GROHE SPA Collection offer excellent freedom of choice in creating personalised shower combinations creating showering pleasure to the power of three with the multi-spray variant to its Rainshower® F-Series

The Rainshower® F-Series showers are among the classics in the GROHE SPA Collection and offer the perfect choice for anyone looking to turn their daily shower into a personalised feel-good experience. Now the launch of the Rainshower® F-Series Multi Spray 15" adds a whole new dimension of customisation to private spas. 

The new head and ceiling showers feature three different spray patterns for gentle vitalisation, a stress-reducing massage using the GROHE Bokoma Spray™ or a refreshing XL waterfall spray otherwise found only in well-equipped saunas.

In keeping with the modular concept behind the GROHE F-Series, GROHE Rainshower® F-Series Multi Spray 15" can be combined or complemented to perfection with other products from the GROHE F-Series such as Grohtherm F, F-digital Deluxe or other F-Series showers from GROHE.

Enjoy virtually unlimited possibilities

Benefit from the positive effects of water and add a touch of luxury to your home – the multifunctional GROHE Rainshower® F-Series Multi Spray 15" showers offer a choice between three different spray types.

The centrally positioned Rain Spray measures 300 millimetres in diameter and gently pampers the skin. Positioned in the four corners, the GROHE Bokoma Spray™ nozzles provide a tingling, refreshing massage, while the two parallel XL waterfall nozzles may be switched on and off individually for pure refreshment.

Moreover, the individual spray patterns may also be combined at will. The head shower measures 380 millimetres in width, approx. 680 millimetres in depth and 60 millimetres in height. With its depth of approx. 460 millimetres and a height of 17 millimetres, the high-quality ceiling shower becomes part of the bathroom architecture and blends into the room, emphasising its authentic spa-style look.

A customised showering experience

As more and more people are looking to create a customised feel-good experience in the comfort of their own homes, GROHE SPATM offers what it takes to turn a bathroom into a private spa. This modular design concept ensures maximum creative freedom and allows the individual products to be freely combined for a harmonious overall look.

Thanks to GROHE Rainshower® F-Series Multi Spray, users now benefit from even more possibilities to create their own holistic spa experience. The new multifunctional shower ideally matches the minimalist Sena hand shower, for instance.

A high quality relaxation zone can be created by additionally installing GROHE SPA™ F-digital Deluxe, the shower system that uses light, sound and steam to stimulate all senses. Moreover, the multi-spray variants ideally match the design of the other showers from the Rainshower® F-Series.

The GROHE SPA F-Series offers a full range of options for enjoying your personal spa programme on a daily basis.


Established in 1936. GROHE by Friedrich Grohe the German manufacturer of sanitary fittings, including kitchen and bathroom faucets, and shower systems. Since its establishment GROHE has continuously built their reputation for unrivalled quality, superior design and impressive technology.

With a history of technological advancement, a renowned in-house design team, and a customer promise with regards to quality that has stood the test of time. Eight decades down the line GROHE is now a multi award winning brand. Having won numerous awards such as reddot, IF and Good Design. All of these thanks to their great innovations in the industry.

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