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Friday, 16 November 2012

Yswara Precious African Teas

 Introducing an inspired new AFRICAN LUXURY BRAND -

 YSWARA - Curator of precious African Teas

A new luxury company has introduced a proudly African product unlike any other. YSWARA, a unique gourmet tea company, is the first of its kind to introduce a curated experience of fine African teas. This unique company offers a collection of top quality rare tea blends, refined tea accessories and fine living goods, created exclusively by African artisans from African materials laden with epicurean inspiration.

Each tea blend is carefully hand-selected and forms part of a precious collection of 23 teas, which has been carefully composed by YSWARA’s tea masters, and many by the founder, Swaady Martin-Leke herself, who selects each note and fragrance to flow and compliment one another by tasting and testing each spice, leaf and flower until they perfectly harmonize.

YSWARA is the exercise of passion of a driven tea artisan. Every detail of YSWARA is woven together to create an exceptional experience tinged with the splendour of Africa, and infused with the passionate vision of its founder, Swaady Martin-Leke. Their signature blend “Or des Anges”, epitomizes the pure luxury of the YSWARA brand. It’s a fusion of rare peony white tea from Southern Malawi’s Satemwa Estate, blended with precious 22-carat edible gold petals - it’s an African born tea like no other.

It was founder, Cote d’Ivoire born Swaady Martin-Leke’s vision to create an African luxury tea brand that inspires people to enjoy the precious moments in life. YSWARA’s products come together to create the ultimate luxury teatime experience, intended to transport you to a timeless moment where you can enjoy the combined aromas of crisp scented tealeaves, fragrant flowers and exotic fruits of Africa. Says Swaady, “It was my dream to capture true African luxury, and produce a luxury brand that is truly African in origin, nature, and tradition.”

YSWARA has launched with a collection of 23 unique teas from 3 different collections - “The Seven Wonders of Africa”, “African Queens” and “Kingdoms of Africa” which includes their signature tea “Or des Anges” a collection of 7 scented candles (“Johari la Africa”) and tea accessories consisting of porcelain tea sets (“Sankofa”), and a set of gilded tea spoons (“Secret Garden”). This unique range of products provides consumers with the chance to engage in the moment, slow down and find greatness in the small things.

YSWARA’s teas are comprised of a wide range of distinguished orthodox teas, inspired blends and herbal infusions, from the basic black, white and green teas, to the more exotic varieties, such as oolong and Pu-Erh. Held within its signature ebony and gold-copper packaging, handcrafted by African artists, you will find infusions of the rarest, handpicked leaves dried by the African sun and processed with only the most natural methods.

The Seven Wonders Collection is rich with the depth, diversity and distinction of Africa offering the seven best teas of the continent. The YSWARA African Queens Health Tea and Infusion Collection is inspired by the continent’s legacy of female leadership, concentrating on the herb, spice and flower macerated teas of Africa, whilst the fragrant and solemn Kingdoms of Africa collection offers herb and spice-laden epicurean infusions.

YSWARA’s Candle Collection, Johari la Africa, uses essential oils to create individually hand-poured candles with custom-created scents that incorporate the spices of ancient Marrakech and the urban heart of Johannesburg in one scent. The eco-friendly soy candles use aromatic oils, which are therapeutic in nature offering the possibilities of relieving stress, revitalizing and bringing a sense of clarity.

YSWARA also offers a range of luxury tea accessories to complement its exquisite blends. The Secret Garden Spoon Collection is the artwork of South African, Pamela Schroeder, who crafts her works from organic materials. She has designed YSWARA’s teaspoons around Rooibos tea bush twigs, jacaranda pods and honey dippers which combine Rooibos wicks and poppy seed pods; both gilded in a gold finish. The Sankofa Tea Set Collection by South African ceramist, Adrian Lombard, exhibits black-glazed African earthenware rimmed in extravagant gold detailing.

South Africans will be able to experience the YSWARA range of teas and luxurious accessories at their pop-up store in Hyde Park. It is also stocked amongst some of the most desirable brands in the world at The Wish Collection store in Sandton City. Also available on the Yswara online store worldwide for more information visit