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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Quintessentially Your Global Concierge

Whether it be last minute flights to Cape Town, Johannesburg or abroad or tables at the best restaurant’s around the world Quintessentially SA will ensure members get an exceptionally efficient service wherever they are located.

A world leader in global concierge services founded in the United Kingdom in 2000 operated as a “Private Members’ Club” available to members 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
With over 65 worldwide offices and upwards of 35 languages spoken, this multinational brand knows how to provide a “global yet local service”. And because it is operated on a member’s only basis, there is a cap placed on the total number of clients in order to insure that all their clients receive top notch quality services, tailored specifically to them.

The idea is that no matter where you may be in the world, there is always someone to take care of the details and make your life as easy and enjoyable as possible. With varying levels of service, members can expect to have a last minute table at a fully booked restaurant, tickets to the final of a world class sporting event, a VIP party planned to their exact specifications and invitations to attend high level networking events, just to name a few.

Pedro Camacho, the new owner and CEO of Quintessentially South Africa, has a very particular vision for the brand. His aim is to offer a well groomed, personalised, service to their members where requests are met above their expectations. "I want to make it better than the best and beyond what anyone expects”, enthuses Camacho.

In addition to the concierge service offerings, Quintessentially has 32 luxury sister businesses which covers all facets of the luxury lifestyle market, including Travel, Real Estate, Wine, Art, Luxury Retail, Events, Public Relations, Publishing and more. The various levels of membership range from General Membership, starting at R13, 000 per annum, to Dedicated and Dual Memberships starting at R32, 000 and R62, 335 per annum respectively, and finally Elite Memberships, which are by invitation only.

General Memberships allow members access to the AskQ concierge service, while the Dedicated and Dual Memberships, provide personal account managers, two for the dual membership. For those who are invited into the exclusive ranks of the Elite Membership, they can expect to have account managers provided for all of Quintessentially’s territories, twenty-four seven.

Quintessentially seamlessly deals with the more typical day to day concierge requests like chauffeured airport transfers, flower and champagne delivery and tables at fully booked restaurants, but also prides itself on being able to accommodate even the most taxing and unusual of tasks like arranging an overnight shipment of 200 Ladurée Macarons and 202 red roses from London to Slovenia.

Collecting medical documents from Rome and returning them to a client in London in the same day, recovering a digital camera left in a Taxi in Shanghai, researching the rules and regulations for owning a gorilla as a pet in Singapore and personally selecting a dress and delivering it to a Saudi Princess in Dubai before a photo shoot and flight later that day.

Members find the service truly indispensable. Many have been quoted saying that it was invaluable in a time of emergency or distress such as one member's ' son breaking his arm in Ibiza when Quintessentially found the best doctor and hospital and even helped them avoid the queue.

Even the PA to Coldplay uses the service to make room at fully booked restaurants or get the band to wherever they need to go. There is no task too great or too small for Quintessentially, they are always there to make the life of their members easier and provide only the best quality services by leaving the details to those at Quintessentially who do it best.


The Quintessentially London Summer membership card

With the Olympics  upon us, London is the place to be this summer. The city will be abuzz with parties and pop-ups, celebrations and fun aplenty, and Quintessentially are on hand to ensure you don’t miss out. The ultimate lifestyle management service is offering a limited number of exclusive three-month memberships for those visiting London this summer. The Quintessentially London Summer Membership allows visitors to join Quintessentially, at the Elite membership level, for a period of three months and for them to enjoy a 24 hour personal concierge service which includes unrivalled insider knowledge of the city and proactive recommendations from Q’s little black book of contacts.