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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Kirsten Goss Launches In Jozi

“I am thrilled to finally bring my work to Egoli, the Zulu name for Johannesburg which means, the place of gold. A natural home for the brand,” says Kirsten Goss. “The Jozi opening has been timed to coincide with the launch of both a new precious collection and a new branding pattern inspired by the atomic structure of gold.”

The internationally adored brand has officially found a permanent home in Jozi – with a brand new store in the Birdhaven Centre – shop 2a, 66 St Andrews Street in Birdhaven. Globally celebrated the fact that it belongs to a local protégé of precious jewellery makes the Jozi launch all the more exciting for her large local following.


Kirsten launched her business in London in 2002 and celebrities and celebrators alike frequent the flagship store in Kensington, which was opened in 2005.  From humble beginnings in a modest studio, Kirsten grew her collection into an internationally sought after brand with a fiercely loyal and diverse fan base – including the royal circle and celebs such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Rosamund Pike. Have a look at the Christmas Wishlist and you'll see why.

Although the brand’s aesthetic is distinctive and instantly recognisable, it is somewhat hard to define.  Each collection’s clean, organic lines reflect Kirsten’s Scandinavian bloodline, while her exuberant use of colour reveals her unique African upbringing. The young designer’s knack for experimenting with form and texture is also visible in every piece.

Kirsten  Goss
For Jozi’s vast community of jewellery aficionados and lovers of all things shiny and new, the arrival of Kirsten Goss is an irresistible invitation to celebrate…in style, of course.  For more information, contact the Jozi shop on 011 447 2234 or visit Kirsten Goss Online
or visit her Facebook page.