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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Nisha Night Club - Grand Opening

New and exlusive tommorrow sees the opening of a new Camps Bay hotspot Nisha Night Club the by invitation only event starts at 7pm at the Penthouse Suite, The Promenade in Victoria road. Nisha’s ambition is to be the trendiest, most exclusive and popular nightclub that will dominate Cape Town's glitz and glamour.

It's not the lights, it's not the liquor, and it's not the sound. It's the people! An era of vibrant creativity, ever-changing excitement and nights spent partying with friends, celebrating the luxuries of life while satisfying all the senses and creating memories that will last forever. Offering endless nights, something new and a vibe that feels like a party revolution.

You will experience a perfect ambience of true luxury from VIP lounges to private bars with a surreal atmosphere that overlooks the Atlantic ocean. An entertainment extravaganza like no other is set to introduce Nisha in a mind blowing exhibition of all things maverick, indulgent and stylish. Bringing the world standard to the heart of Cape Town.

South Africa's most prestigious N I S H A  plays host to a new super elite, acutely vogue concept in members club. This unique playground is extravagant, designed for affable debauchery and indulgent fun, without pretentiousness yet still exuding an abundance of class and style, it is the ultimate destination for major players and glitterati alike.

ITS NISHA BABY ...... hosted by Roxy Robinson at Pick a Flava Events and Productions
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