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Monday, 24 October 2011

Patek Phillipe - Sparkling Swiss Timekeeping

The Grand Complications 5073P-00 by Patek Philippe
The new Grand Complications 5073P-001 is a Patek Philippe debut that benchmarks a significant trend in haute horlogerie. Connoisseurs are left speechless: not only due to its breathtaking sound quality, but also given the 103 baguette diamonds on its bezel and 55 further diamonds on the dial and clasp.
Ranking among the few manufactures that consummately master the orchestration of "cathedral" gongs, extra-long gongs which produce an inimitably voluminous and reverberant sound

Perpetual calendar and winding: totally automatic
To assure continuity in the displays of the perpetual calendar and moon phases, the movement is self-winding and completely automatic thanks to an off-center minirotor made of 22K gold; it is fully recessed in the plate.  Given all the repeater wristwatches produced by Patek Philippe since 1916, the manufacture's micromechanical virtuosity does not need to be further expounded.

True artistry shuns no effort
To adequately showcase the micromechanical brilliance of the Grand Complications 5073P-001, Patek Philippe also pulled out all the stops with respect to the case and exterior elements. With a diameter of 42 mm, the heavy case is fashioned on premises with the traditional cold-forming method from blanks made of 950 platinum, the precious metal that is most difficult to machine.

Then, the manufacture's master jewelers rely on their artistry to transform it into a breathtaking magnum opus for the wrist. 103 flawless Top Wesselton baguette diamonds totaling approx. 4.33 ct. adorn the bezel and the case lugs.
On the black lacquered solid-gold dial, 13 set baguette diamonds (approx. 0.25 ct.) serve as hour markers. And 42 further baguette diamonds (approx. 0.69 ct.) convert even the platinum clasp into a masterpiece of gemsetting prowess. 

As always at Patek Philippe, a discreet 0.02-ct. diamond between the lugs at 6 o'clock identifies platinum as the case metal. The sparkling fire of precious stones legitimately raises the question whether the adornment of a watch at this level should not count as a complication as well.

The watch is delivered with a solid platinum case back and an interchangeable display back with a sapphire-crystal window that reveals the meticulous finissage of the movement. Highlights that immediately meet the eye are the lavishly guilloched 22K gold winding rotor and, beneath the goldplated cap with the pierced Calatrava cross, the small centrifugal governor that controls the disciplined rhythm of the striking mechanism.

While the focus among women is shifting from the outward appearance of precious wristwatches to a greater appreciation of what is inside them, men with a penchant for complicated calibers are also beginning to attach greater importance to elements that adorn their micromechanical masterpieces. The directives of the Patek Philippe Seal explicitly specify that the art of haute horlogerie merits only the ultimate in gemsetting expertise. The Grand Complications 5073P-001 is a fine case in point

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