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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Luxe Interiors - Casarredo

Feel at home as you step into Casarredo Collezione’s contemporary showroom where you will experience the sense of luxury inherent in international furniture design.As stockists of several high-end Italian brands Casarredo offers infinite possibilities to personalise your interior space. 


Our beautiful displays accentuate masterfully designed silhouettes of Italian furniture, renowned for their focus on quality and artisanship, utilising fabrics or leather created from the finest materials, meticulously applied and reflecting premium finishes.

View the shape of things to come in the realm of interior décor and design at Casarredo. Our growing collection changes continuously, offering clients the latest home trends, whether you wish to redesign an entire space, or seek a timeless feature piece. With our exclusive range of furniture, lighting and accessories, Casarredo’s collection encompasses contemporary elegance amidst minimalist glamour. It is here that clients can create warm, luxurious and stylish interior spaces they will enjoy, share and savour.

A high end luxury home décor brand.  Their showroom is based in Melrose and they offer a wide range of furniture, accessories and interior design options - brands include the likes of Gamma International, Futura, Fontana Arte and much more - exclusive to Casarredo. Have a peek at their Facebook page Casarredo Home Decor