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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Enmasse - Opulent Occidental Massage

A massage experience at the hands of the gods

- enmasse delivers a fully-clothed, oil free deluxe massage experience

In the spirit of all things luxury, ENMASSE invites you to become part of a truly unique de-stressing experience. Enmasse has elevated the massage culture of the East by designing a contemporary western space that immediately soothes your senses and prepares you for an experience like no other. Indeed this seems the case as enmasse has been listed in the “Top 20 Reasons to be in South Africa” by leading British magazine, Wallpaper – an impressive feat for a massage business.

First off the owner, Murray von Hirschberg, explains, “A massage should fit around your day as opposed to fitting your day around a massage.” In that vein the majority of enmasse bookings are made on the day – even catering for walk-in customers. Adding to the convenience ENMASSE only offers dry clothed massages – a choice between Thai, Shiatsu, reflexology and pregnancy.

No oils are used which means a massage between meetings or before dinner is a reality. By eliminating oil you also eliminate the need for nudity: all enmasse massages take place in loose fitting cotton clothing provided by enmasse. von Hirschberg adds, “Don’t think of an oil-style massage without oil: think acupressure - pressure points, palming and stretching in a routine that can be likened to a lazy dance with a muscle whisperer.”

Every aspect of the concept appears to transform what the world has come to expect from a massage experience. Forget the sounds of ‘Pan Pipes Unplugged’ and ‘The Call of the South Right Whale Vol 3’, enmasse has a play list that spans across 10 decades from which it has curated a playlist that redefines what should be heard during a massage. In its quest to make a massage as accessible as possible enmasse offers very lucrative and flexible membership options.

Member massages, like its gift vouchers, are fully transferable, redeemable in Cape Town or Johannesburg and never expire. “After a massage, customers are encouraged to doze off in their massage space for as long as possible. If by then you are not yet ready to face the demands of the outside world you are invited to lie back in the tea lounge and sample one of our 40 exotic tea blends,” concludes von Hirschberg.


For more information about a massage experience that will forever change your expectations see or call 011 880 3020 or 021 461 5650


Address: Johannesburg

Unit 14, Illovo Junction

1 Corlett Drive (corner Oxford)



Tel: 011 880 3020

Address: Cape Town

Entrance & Private parking via Gate 2 Schoonder Street

123 Hope Street



Tel: 021 461 5650

Private parking for ENMASSE customers behind the building (entrance next to building off Corlett Drive)

Opening special for airline customers: R335 (quote: enmasse loves you)