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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mixology With Versus

Versus wines launches a lighter, brighter look this month, highlighting its fresh, fun appeal and a flair for the unconventional that its fans have come to love. The brand continues to bring a refreshing, fun approach to the enjoyment of wine through its innovations.

“In keeping with our young and hip approach we ensure that we are very interactive in the new media space and the newly launched QR code on the Versus packaging, will enable consumers to access the website or brand promotions via their smart-phones,” explains O’Shea, Executive Director for Sales and Marketing at the company of wine people.

“Versus has always maintained its fun, friendly appeal that is characterised by an uncomplicated easy-drinking style,” he adds. “It is gaining in popularity not only in South Africa, Finland, Germany, and Belgium, but also in the rest of Africa and Asia, and is a great wine for parties and other occasions with friends.”

From social occasions to cocktail innovations. Versus wines – now just as stylish as its fans – brings their unique flair to just about any affair. Serve us Versus! Cocktail recipes.Yes please! 

About Versus Wines
Versus continues to bring fun approach to the enjoyment of wine through its striking packaging, alternative advertising and stylish wine. Versus has enjoyed a number of achievements over the years, challenging industry and consumer perceptions alike. The brand continues to surprise and delight the trendsetters in a traditional wine world with its innovative spirit. Even the labels tell a different story.